A suggestion about improving incoming search results from Google

I read through some discussions here and noticed a few users state how they dislike Google’s current ranking and the inclusion of results that don’t actually include the search keywords.

For interactive searches, I have long configured my browsers to use a shortcut that forces a “literal” search, which I find gives far more relevant results that are more in tune with the actual search query. This can be easily done by including the parameter tbs=li:1 in the search URL, e.g. https://www.google.com/search?tbs=li:1&num=30&hl=de&q=%s.

May I suggest including that parameter in the Google module by default in future releases? It is unfortunately not user-editable…

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases. In the meantime you could duplicate the Google plugin and modify the copy.

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I performed some tests with/without the tbs=li:1 parameter but the results were always identical. Do you have an example where this makes a difference?

I got fewer results and looking at the used URL, it’s definitely marked Verbatim

You’ll see a meaningful difference especially when you search for a term that exists in its own right, but is very similar to a common unrelated search term. An example is the historic “Bannhof” near Betzdorf, which was the name of a farm. It is very similar to “Bahnhof”, as in train station, and of course most people would search for that. Hence:


Thank you for the examples! The next maintenance release will include this change.