A suggestion on thumbnail system.

I’ve really liked the custom thumbnail feature of Devonthink since Mac OS’s custom thumbnail system is somewhat broken.( It frequently shows original thumbnail )

Only one improvement that I’d like to see on future Devonthink is thumbnail resolution.
It’s been several years since the Retina displays were introduced on Macs. But I can see the thumbnail resolution of Devonthink is still like 320px (I guess).
Even though it looks like it upscaling the thumbnails, difference in detail from Mac OS’s native thumbnail (something like 1024px) is pretty significant.

I know making thumbnail resolution bigger will increase the size of database. But I think
implementing a selectable feature like ‘Create HiDPI thumbnail’ could minimize it.
I’m not a developer but I’d like to see HD resolution (1280~ 1920px) thumbnail for future proof if the feature is implemented.

I believe this feature can improve not only for photo management but also for document management greatly.


A Devonthink lover. :slight_smile:

Interesting thought. Thanks for sharing (and welcome aboard!)