A way to delete all annotations

Hi, Federico here. I have had a very pleasant experience with Devon support team, so here I’m asking for another little feature that would certainly increase the proficiency of this great app. Like the one I can see in “PDF Pro” app (that has a very similar interface when you mark a PDF), please add a menu including all the annotations in a file, so that a practical “delete all” button could be tapped to clean up a PDF to its original look.

Here we are trying to use this app as our primary database and studying tool. Those little feature we’re asking will participate to make this app a desktop like app, a serious companion in everyday life, free of those little annoyances that cut its potential.


The request is noted.

Thank you.

Has this been implemented ?
I like to take use of my pencil to work only with temporary notes on my documents (f.e. calculating or presentation).
Actually I don’t want this annotation to manipulate my original documents at all.

Even after adding and deleting an annotation to the PDF document it’s not exactly the same anymore, internally the PDF document might be quite different after saving. Only the Annotations & Reminders inspector does not touch the original file.