Abbby FineReader download

Is there a way I can download the Abbby FineReader plugin so that I don’t have to keep downloading it everytime I have to reinstall the application? I’d like to be able to do a reinstall when I’m not at my broadband connection. It’s pretty slow having to download 91MB over a 3G connection.

Needing to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of DTPro Office should be a rare event. I can’t recall having to do that in years. Once in a while there may be a problem with the dowload of an update via the ‘Check for Updates’ command, but if the resulting application is damaged or incomplete it typically won’t launch and so won’t affect the add-ons installed in the User Library. Merely quitting the Sorter, moving the installed application from the Applications folder to the Trash and downloading and installing a fresh copy of the application should be adequate.

Sharing & Permissions problems sometimes occur, and for some such problems I may recommend deletion of the ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ folder at ~/Library/Application Support/. But for DT Pro Office users, if the ABBYY OCR has been working, there’s no need to redownload it, as even if that ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ folder is to be trashed, one can move the folder named ‘Abbyy’ to another locatioin temporarily, then move it back in before running ‘Install Add-Ons’. If the Abbyy folder and its contents are already installed, that will be detected, and ‘Install Add-Ons’ will not redownload it.