Abby FineReader update stalling out with DT 3.0.4 update

Running latest Catalina and DT 3.0.4 - I keep to trying to install the Abby FR update from the Install Updates menu, and the download stall every single time (~10 attempts over 3 days) - farthest I’ve gotten is 49MB out of the 512 total, but most stall before I even get to 10. I have gigabit internet connection, and everything else downloads as expected. Any suggestions?

Does the issue persist after rebooting the machine?

Yes. It’ll typically take 5 minutes or so to download the first 6-10 MB and then a couple more in the next 5 minutes and then it just stops. After reboot, I got 14mb in 4 minutes, and then no movement for last three minutes.

Strange… I just redownloaded the OCR resources and it downloaded and installed in 1.5 minutes.

Just for the sake of it, try DEVONthink 3 > Empty Cache, then try installing it again.

No luck. Stuck at 3MB after 23 minutes. I haven’t had this problem in the past as the “Install Add-ons” tells me I’m at AFR 1.0.25 and it wants to download 1.0.26, so I am only one version behind.

I PM’d you.

I have nearly the same problem with the ABBYY 1.0.26 update. The download stalls out at between 16 MB and 53 MB. Granted I live in a rural location with slow internet speeds; but past updates have eventually completed.

We have switched to Amazon CloudFront for more balanced delivery of downloads. So in the best of all worlds Amazon should choose the best download server for you.

How slow is your connection and how long does the download run before it starts to stall?

I’m having exactly the same issue. The download stalls at a different spot each time, but after quickly downloading the first 50-60MB, it just hangs. I’ve tried again just now and I don’t have a slow internet connection: speedtest dot net gave me 36Mbps down 13Mbps up at the same time. I’m at 61MB of 512MB downloaded (the latter seems a suspiciously round number of MB!) and have been for 15 minutes. It is probably a new installation of Abby FineReader for me (not an update) because I have newly installed DTPro 3 on this computer.

Is there any other way of downloading it?

By the way, I have recently re-started using DT and DT to Go again after a hiatus trying other tools and I am really loving DT Pro 3. I missed all the power and flexibility and I’m glad to have my documents back in DT databases again.

OP here. Still can’t get it to download. Last several attempts have stalled at 18MB

Welcome back @bsag :slight_smile:

We will check on this again.