Abbyy FineReader Download taking hours

I can’t get ABBYY to download. I’ve upgraded to 3.9.4 and ABBYY FineReader is taking hours to download - and after 3 attempts I cannot get it to finish download. DT3 is running on MacMini with Sonoma 14.0

What about your network connection? That and perhap a lame server providing the software would be at fault, I guess.

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Thank you Good thought. I have been having some speed problems. But I let ABBYY try to download all night and as has been the case before, it stops at 197 out of 839MB. My speed issues seem to be with my backups of large video files and my 2MBps speed limit. I’ll try to suspend my backup and try the ABBYY download again.
Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 7.03.52 AM
By the way, I currently have 1.1.25 installed and the difficulty is downloading 1.1.26. And I just upgraded to Sonoma on my MacMini a few days ago.

If this continues, hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

I’ve experienced the same several times. I don’t know what triggers it, but suddenly the ABBY download seems to timeout and just hang indefinitely – even though my internet connection is fine.

I’ve had success cancelling the download and restarting it from the menu (DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons), while making sure my mac stays awake, and that I don’t have any simultaneous heavy use of my connection.

You mention 3 attempts already, but I would try without the backup running at the same time, as you mention. I have no technical knowledge on network connections and how upload could interfere with download, but worth a try.

Will do. I’m trying the download again, without the bandwidth interference of my iDrive online backup

Just completed the ABBYY update without the bandwidth interference of my iDrive online backup. It took about 5 min. over my 5mbps download/2mbps upload limits from my ISP. And so, I conclude that my previous slow connection speeds (~1mbps dn/ 0.2 mbps up) were the cause my previous failures to install ABBYY 1.1.26. Thanks for your help


See my post to BlueFrog.

After eliminating my online backup bandwidth, I completed the ABBYY download in about 5 min. So I figure the connection speed was the problem. Thanks for your help

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That’s good to hear!

PS: If you work with or backup a lot of big files – like video – I would suggest looking into a wired connection. Ethernet for networked drives or just USB/Thunderbolt.

Agreed. And I knew better, but I created my own problem. Without concern for the backup, I put over 80 GB of video files in a directory I’d marked for cloud backup (iDrive). And then iDrive just did what I told it to do, using all my ISP bandwidth. I’ve reset iDrive to back the files up locally onto my flash drive. And that’s working OK. A tough lesson, hope I’ve learned it.


So say we all, on a variety of things in life :slight_smile:

Is the Abby update only for M1 machines? I have DT 3.9.4 on both an Intel Monterey and an M1 Sonoma Mac.

The M1 has the OCR plugin 1.1.26, but the Intel machine is still at 1.1.18.

Assuming this is intentional, should I perform OCR operations on the M1 in preference to the Intel?

Is something not working on the Intel machine?

No, everything is fine; I’m just curious. :smile:

But maybe PDFs on M1 are now sharper, with the same file size, that might be a reason to switch (I do find OCR drops a bit of fidelity of the original scans, but is still acceptable, as it drastically decreases file size).

The Intel update from ABBYY isn’t available yet.

Thanks for the feedback. From my ISP, apparently I have a discrete amount of bandwidth, and I know from previous experience that connections require a two way communication. I’m assuming that since my upload maxed out, it chopped the communication with the server. At any rate, I’ve been able to download the ABBY update

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