Ability to self-determine highlight colors?

Hi everyone,

Here’s a small request which I’ve had for a long time:

Would it be possible for the user to determine their own palette of highlight colors?

I don’t know about you guys but I for one find the built in colors much too bright and garish to use (does anyone find them attractive?) The work around of course is to use the background feature of the colors palette to save and apply more subtle and muted colors to mark up documents but this means having to forgo the menu shortcut/dedicated button and apply a number of ‘attention breaking’ extra keystrokes and mouse clicks…

– Paul


thank you for the suggestion. Used-defined highlighting colors are actually planned for one of the next releases, probably DT Pro 1.1 and DT Personal 1.9.x.

I second Paul’s request: for me too the built in colors are much too bright.

Great news!!! DT just keeps getting better and better!

I hope customizable highlight colours are getting to the top of the to-do list. This is one of my most urgent requests too.

Apologies for necromancing a very old thread - but was curious as to whether this was ever done, and is subsequently an option buried somewhere?

I use the highlighting option extensively, but am finding that certain of the “primary” colours [in particular Red; Blue & Purple - and to a lesser extent, Yellow] are simply too bright/“strong”…

Highlighting text with the above colours, especially in pdf’s that are older (and therefore scanned from the original articles) - results in the underlying text being badly obscured - to the point where I need to re-select the highlighting, and undo it, to be able to properly read what had been highlighted…

Were we able to “tone-down” the colours a tad, it would be very useful - as currently, I am left with significantly less options to choose from, colour-wise…

Any thoughts?

Preferences > Colors > “Highlighting” comes to my mind.

Oh my goodness. It never occurred to me to click on the actual colour - this solves things completely!

Many thanks.

Don’t worry, I still remember how many hours went by way back then until I had discovered that I can create a tag by simply typing in the tags bar. :laughing:

Know that feeling all to well - I’ve bought the manual (and actually read it :smiley: ), had a look at the tutorials - but still keep discovering things I either missed, or never realised were important - such as this one… This is going to make things so much easier - took a little bit of time renaming both labels and highlighter names - which will allow for improved visual organisation… But of course, this now means sorting out the “incorrectly” highlighted/labelled docs done before today.

Yes. OCD can be a cruel mistress… :wink: