About "lookup records with path" function

This function returns a list of records, though I can’t imagine how could it be more than one record (means the same UUID) with the same path… In which cases is it possible?

Is the question why it’s returning a list? A list of one item is not an uncommon thing to return in many applications and scenarios.

No, for me it is important that there will always be only one record with the same path, as a kind of starting point for scripting. Was just curious: should I know of some important cases when there may be two or more records for one path…

E.g. you could index the same file twice to different groups in a database, in this case the UUIDs would be different.

Different UUIDs means two different files…
By path I mean “full path”, including a file name. Could it be two or more UUIDs for one “full path”?

Yes. As Criss said, if you index a file twice they will have the same path but different UUIDs.

Thanks a lot @cgrunenberg and @BLUEFROG!
Interesting feature! Never knew it… You may have different sets of metadata (except finder comments) for the same file! This is something in between of replicates and duplicates )
Now, I have to rewrite some of my scripts