About moving files

Use Smart Group to extract the files that meet your criteria. Can I automatically move that file to a specific group (folder)?

Did you already happen to take a look in the manual?

(or go to the website, click Support and choose Handbooks and Extras)

As mentioned in the manual ‘Smart rules are smart groups‚ evolved’. I.e. if you can create a Smart Group, you can probably also act upon that group.

In the table of contents click ‘Smart Rules‘ (page 188) and you probably also want to check out the Events and Actions which are summarized starting on page 263.

I suggest to first use a manual (On Demand) trigger, so you can test your rule. If it does what you want it to do, you might leave it like that or think about another trigger.

Were you able to move the file as you wanted?

Thanks for answering my question.
What I would like to achieve is to take the files extracted by the smart group and move them into a group (folder) and take them outside of DT3.
This could be done manually, but I thought it would be useful if it could be automated. If you can’t do it, that’s okay.

AFAIK you can move, replicate, or duplicate a matched file to a chosen location, as is described on page 266 (bottom right). Have you tried that?

Exporting documents in the DT database is likely possible using a script, but it’s probably easier and less error prone if you gather the files in a group with a Smart Rule first.

For indexed groups ‘Move To External Folder’ also appears to be a possible action.