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When I copy a link to a page and copy it into a pages document, the link just shows up as a set of codes and does not jump to the devonthink page.
A code like this: x-devonthink-item://667489F1-979E-4460-A8F8-90F33416916D?page=5
My question is: How can I use this set of codes to open specific files and pages inside devonthink?
For example, copy these codes and then what to do with them.

Sometimes I also need to copy the document’s page link to thebrain, and it happens that I can’t jump, it’s just a set of codes.

This is a Pages question, not a DEVONthink one.
You have to insert a URL into the Pages document’s content. I’m not at a Mac right now do I can’t tell you how.

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Pages appears to wish to format any link to Web Page Email Phone Number [or] Bookmark—which, of course, doesn’t appear to allow to use of a DEVONthink item link to link to a document extenal to Pages.


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I would like to ask if I can use such a set of code to find the relevant documentation and the specific page of the documentation through the devon, no matter what devon is outside the app.

For example, I copied this set of codes: x-devonthink-item://667489F1-979E-4460-A8F8-90F33416916D?page=15
can do something inside the devon, and then you can open specific documents and pages


You can use these item links in markdown and rich text documents in DT. Outside of DT (like you found out with Pages), it depends on the app if it handles item links correctly or not. Pages doesn’t, apparently.

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It seems to be possible!
It is to paste this set of code into dt’s markdown, rtf, and it becomes a link.

Tested it and the document directory appears, but the document is not available. But this way at least do not do not know what is the link.

But still do not feel very safe, I hope there will be a better way in the future.

Item links inside DEVONthink are wonderful and very robust. If you can, take a look at the the user guide (also available through the in-app Help) on page 214.

As @chrillek rightly says, if you want to use something like an item link outside DEVONthink (to link to a document inside DEVONthink) the app in which you want to put the link must support that sort of link (and Pages does not). Take a look also at page 215 of the user guide about URL commands.

But the key point, always, is that the external app must support use of commands like that in order for you to be able to access documents inside DEVONthink.


It is an item URL, not a “code”. And as such, it can be used for different purposes, as described in the fine manual.

A better way to do what, exactly? It’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Maybe an image helps. Or, if English is not your first language, using DeepL to translate from your first language might make your intentions clearer.