? About possible migration to Devonthink Pro

I am currently considering a major migration from Evernote & legacy email (Eudora) for knowledge mgmt to Devonthink Pro on a MacBook Pro M2.

To provide a little context/background, I work in tech sector (background is software engineering, but not recently), and hope to retire in the next 3-5 years. As part of that I am working steadily to eliminate Subscription products where possible.

I principally have knowledge mgmt two places:

  • older legacy Eudora mailboxes for email retention (windows)
  • Evernote — everything from scanned PDFs of docs, receipts, bills, etc. to forwarded emails, web clips, and simple notes etc.

I use two iPad Pro’s heavily with Agenda app for day planner/notetaking purposes for work and will continue with that, so my primary use for Devonthink would be knowledge storage & searching. Also Apple Mailon my iPad Pros/iPhone is my primary mail interface app for the last several years, with forwards to Evernote for more recent email retention and search. I have mailboxes scattered across POP servers, GMAIL, and iCloud. But I have a lot of knowledge stored in the older Eudora mailboxes stored on a Windows PC.

I have extensive Windows experience, starting from the initial version, and will always keep some around for access to legacy Windows & DOS apps.

Last year I purchased a MacBook Pro M2 as I really like the tightness of the Apple ecosystem integration.

My home PC’s are a Windows 11 MSI 13” notebook and the MacBook Pro M2 (work will always be a Windows PC, at least until I retire). I also have a side hobby business where the data is on Windows, but its primary uses can be moved to the Mac. Primary apps are Microsoft apps including Word, Excel, PPT and Access, with some Adobe apps mixed in for photo mgmt and pro document creation.

A few questions:

  1. Is migrating whole Windows-based Eudora mailboxes to Devonthink Pro possible? (These are essentially the old Unix style mailboxes)?

  2. Can I import whole POP-server based mailboxes to Devonthink? Without having to forward each and every email?

  3. Is Devonthink Pro able to link to GMAIL and iCloud mailboxes/folders real-time for knowledge mgmt searches, or does everything have to be in Devonthink Pro?

  4. A key feature for me is the ability search with any PDF, Excel file, textual note, web clip, etc. for things. For example find when I made a given purchase by scanning every bill, receipt, etc. which are all stored in PDF form or email in the knowledge system. Evernote does this very well. Any hitches with doing the same in Devonthink Pro?

Thanks in advance!

This should be possible via File > Import > Unix Mailbox….

After adding this account to e.g. Mail, this shouldn’t be a problem via View > Sidebar > Import > Email but importing from server-based accounts might require quite a while.

DEVONthink doesn’t link to any online services but the local iCloud Drive folder can be indexed.

All possible.

Finally, the trial of DEVONthink is fully functional and runs for 30 days or 150 hours of runtime (whatever lasts longer), therefore it’s probably better to test this on your own.

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Thanks very much! I will definitely be giving it a trial.