About the Plugins?

Firstly Mr. Grunenberg, is there any chance that a Gutenberg plugin could be made available for ‘English’ text?

On the subject of plugins, I notice that unlike the crawler sets, plugins appear to be a user invisible part of the DA application. What I was wondering was that if there is a possibility that many more plugins will be made available over a period of time (and assuming that not every plugin will be of use to any one user), then would it be preferable to make the plugins separate files (one for each plugin).

When placed in a folder named say ‘Plugins’, only plugins within that folder would show up in the DA query settings window.

If this is possible, it could have the following advantages;

  1. The user selects the plugins which they wish to have available to them in DA.

  2. The plugin list is limited to the specific user requirements, preventing the application becoming bloated.

  3. Possibility of third party plugin development for DA.


Good idea.

  1. If there are english projects or databases out there (similar to the Gutenberg project), then there’s a chance. Any links?

  2. Plugins are already separate files (“bundles”) inside the application package of DA. Therefore you can use the Finder’s info panel to remove (or add) plugins.

  3. Third party plugins will be possible as soon as we’re going to release the necessary API. :wink:

Here is a link to a project Gutenberg page which links to texts in English. However, although the e-text titles, authors etc. are in html format, the actual text contents appear to only be available via. ftp servers;


I didn’t realise that the plugins were separate and could be individually removed. The prospect of third party plugin development sounds a good one, which should benefit users and free up some of your time in this area too.


There are some HTTP mirrors too (e.g. http://www.ibiblio.org/gutenberg/) but the full text search of all mirrors seems to be VERY limited (either matching all or some words). Basically we could use the OR operator ("some") and let DA do the real scanning but that would probably be a hell of  downloads  ;)

No problem if it is not practical to do this. Thanks for investigating the possibility anyway :slight_smile: