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Thanks for the change to Discourse. I’m a “regular” at the MPU, Automators, and Tidbits Discourse forums, and have been registered here at DEVONthink for years (but not active). I may be more active with this change.

H/T to @korm for getting the word out (in the other forums) about this change. (Assuming korm here = quorm there)

I have one tiny little suggestion you might wish to consider. It may be unique to my own muscle memory when using the other three Discourse forums.

I usually return to my preferred home view by clicking on the forum name at the top of a topic. For MPU, Automators, and Tidbits, clicking on the name at the top takes me to the home page for that forum. Here, when I click on DEVONthink at the top of the page, I leave the forum and am taken to the DEVONthink product home page.

Please consider changing this so that the link behaves the same way as it does in the other 3 forums. You should absolutely have a link somewhere to the product home page, but maybe not where it is now?


Agree. Zengobi for instance has the forum main page link in a sub header (“Zengobi Forums” in the image) and a menu bar at the top that leads back to other Zengobi sites. Same thing would work here, I think.


That was quick. Thanks!