About Wiki-Links Disappearing

Hello everyone,

I am having a small problem with wiki linking for which I have not found answer in the forum. I enabled automatic wiki linking with Names and Aliases. Writing a note in markdown everything works well as you can see from the following screenshot:

However, probably after I type some character which I have not been able to identify, the wiki links disappear. Here is a screenshot of the final part of the same file:

The last two in the bullet list should be backlinks to existing notes I created with this script. Even wiki links not created with this script stop working after a certain point in the same file:

“Csikszentmihalyi1975” should be linkable because I have a note with this very same name.

Am I missing something?

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A screen capture of this note - "Csikszentmihalyi1975” - and the Info inpsector for it could be helpful.

Here it is, @BLUEFROG.

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Ok, I think I found out the culprit (took me some time): I usually mark concepts to which I want to go back with a double $$ sign. Somewhere in between the file I have the following string:

$$ Feedback loop: desire for feedback is the major virtue of those who want to learn and grow. Growth vs. fixed mindset.

If I delete the ‘$$’ all wiki links are back.

Is this normal? I mean, should I completely avoid using the ‘$$’?

Dp you have MathJax support enabled in Preferences > Media?

Actually, this was reported before but I’d have to look it up.
If you have $, it would work.
If you have $$$, it would work.
If you have $$, it breaks.

Also, and this is for @cgrunenberg as well…
$$$$$$ testing something renders as \[\]$$ testing something even if MathJax is disabled.

No, no MathJax Support nor Prism. I only uploaded a css for markdown preview.

I also noticed that this:

$$ Feedback loop: blah blah.

causes the wiki links to disappear; if instead I remove the space between the ‘$$’ an the following word like this

$$Feedback loop: blah blah.

all subsequent wiki links are ok.
If I use one (’$’) or three (’$$$’), as you wrote, everything is ok regardless of the space in between.

Thank you for your replies!


You’re welcome.
Development will have to look into this.

Seems to be a feature or bug of MultiMarkdown.

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