Absolute paths

Thanks for adding support for absolute paths to 2.9.12 to add an image reference in Markdown documents. The release note says “… use absolute paths beginning with a slash to reference other internal documents”. Could you give an example please of the exact syntax required to reference an image in another database using an absolute path?

You cannot reference images in another database using an absolute path; absolute paths begin at the root of the database. For referencing items in other databases you’ll have to use its item link.

Thanks - could you confirm the syntax please for absolute paths within the same database? Including the image filename extension fails on macOS but works on iOS.

So, Test Link works on iOS but not macOS
whereas, Test Link works on both iOS and macOS

Inclusion of the extension works on macOS here, without fail.

Thanks - I think I see what is happening. The name of the image file has to include the extension on macOS if the Markdown link does.

So, if the DTPO name of the image file is testimage then Test Link does not work on macOS although it does on iOS

If the DTPO name of the image file is testimage.jpg then Test Link works on macOS as well as iOS

I have an issue filed on this. Cheers!

I just cannot get absolute links to work in a Markdown document. Let’s say I have a database with groups and files structured as follows:


Within document.md is a link like this:

    !(Figure 1)[/Group1/Group2/image1.jpg]

When I view “best alternative” the image is never resolved. Same when I try to render the document in Marked 2. (I can’t imagine this would ever work in an external application like Marked.)

Can you offer any suggestions?

You have the syntax backwards.

() is for the link.
[] is for the text.

Can you please provide a set of documents / a test database that uses absolute paths to link between documents? It’s my understanding that DTPO / DTTG can do this.

I am struggling to get absolute paths to work…

The documentation says that markdown and HTML documents can use absolute paths. But if I have the documents:


link to file 2

and another file under /dir2/file2.md (in the same database), the link doesn’t work. I’ve also tried dropping the extension in the link.

It doesn’t matter if these are indexed or imported.

Note: image links work fine, text links don’t work at all from what I can tell. Example…


[link to piglet](/link_test/piglet.jpg)


but clicking “link to piglet” just beeps, instead of navigating to the image