academic use scenarios/database access

I’m a long-time user of DevonThink Office, which I’ve found invaluable for organizing large sets of PDF files for research. I’ve recently been trying out the trial version of DevonAgent Pro, and was wondering if other academics could share how they use it, or how useful it is to them (if I missed a similar thread somewhere, please let me know, and I’ll look for it).

I’m specifically interested in whether there are plugins for databases beyond the JSTOR one that’s built in. I frequently use Project MUSE or various EBSCO ones, in addition to JSTOR, but couldn’t find any such plugin. I suppose even using the DA browser for EBSCO would be useful, but if a search plugin could bring the app’s full search power to those databases, I’d put money down for it in a heartbeat.

I am looking for plugins like you need. Also I would need others for Espacenet, WorldCat.
Thanks, Ricardo

Hi. Here are some links that might help.

I am a historian and have found Rachel’s posts quite helpful, though I don’t think you’ll find any answer about plugins. … esearch-i/

It’s possible that DEVONagent might be helpful in this regard. I haven’t tested it to see, though. I’ve been meaning to post about my own use of DTPro, but I am still working out the kinks, and it will take me a while longer.