Access labels quicker

Access labels directly from menu bar - Like in SOHO Notes, Entourage, et al.

I use labels in the absence of “flags” in conjunction with smart folders. For example I “flag” an item with the first label (red) and it shows up automatically in the smart folder for label 1.

Then when “I’m done” with these flagged items I cannot simply “unflag” them like in numerous other Macintosh applications - I’d have to “unlabel” that item.

It’s foremost this unlabeling action which drives me nuts - for every item I’m done with I currently have to take a trip to the big Macintosh menu bar, go to Data > Label > The Label.

This should be somewhat done easier. Be it by introducing actually flags, or perhaps a DIRECTLY accessible label menu from DEVON’s own menu.



Martin, it’s easy to find and remove labels for multiple items.

Use Tools > Search. Select the color of the labeled items you wish to find. They will be displayed in the search results. To clear multiple occurrences of a label (e.g., red) at once, simply select them all and then select Data > Labels > None.

In searching for labeled items, you can restrict the search to a specific group, or do a database-wide search.

As Labels and States are searchable, with or without an additional query term, there are many logical possibilities for flagging items.

Don’t forget, though, that anything you do to one instance of a replicant also affects all other instances of that document.

Labels are also accessible from the context menu: right-click (or control-click) on the item.