Accessing Backup Copies

After my main server went down, I tried to recover my backed up DevonThink databases using Apple’s TimeMachine feature.

I located the files, but most of them show up in the Finder as folders and not DevonThink Pro databases. See the attached screen grab. So I’m unable to open those as databases. Any ideas on what went wrong, or how to rectify this?


DEVONthink databases are folders – a particular kind of folder called a package on the Mac. So, the folders you see with the .dtBase extension are your databases – the material inside the folder is part of it.

However, there is something wrong. You normally would not see the contents of package folders unless you explicitly told Finder to show you, or unless you use an application like Path Finder, which I don’t think you are. It’s possible that your installation of DEVONthink is corrupted too, and so Finder does not know that the .dtBase database packages belong to that application. I’d recommend reinstalling DEVONthink to restore the association between the application and your database packages, then try to open the database with DEVONthink (after restoring them from Time Machine).