Accessing Frequently Referenced PDF Files

How do you deal with frequently used PDF files? I have a PDF file that I need to reference often on my iPad. PDF viewing on DT is mediocre. The only option I see is to copy PDF to PDF Expert. Should I just stick to PDF Expert and dump frequently used PDF files there instead of DT?

What if you added the document to “Favorites”? That work?

It does but I DT3 does not allow full screen PDF viewing :frowning:

Whatever. “full screen” not mentioned in your original post. For me, on the iPad I press the arrows that point upper left and lower right (to left of file name) to bring the PDF into a pretty full screen. Good enough for me. I guess if you don’t like, I don’t see a downside to you copying/moving those files into your preferred reading tool. Enjoy.

In share menu don’t choose this, instead choose one of the PDF editing apps from the top row of apps.
That way you can open the file in an external reader, annotate and then when you exit the document the changes will be saved into DT. This was mentioned as a new feature in the release notes. I tried it, and it worked for me with Acrobat Reader, but not with PDF expert, which is my default reader. It just freezes. Maybe with a couple of updates it will get fixed.

The last item in the release notes states there is an issue with open In with PDF Expert. It also affects Readdle’s Documents app. You should test apps you’re trying to use the option with.

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Is there any work on a fix with this? I am having the same problem: no matter what I open in PDF Expert, when I make annotations, edit the PDF, etc., absolutely no changes sync over to DTTG; I just lose them all.

This is not up to us to fix. As noted in some other recents threads, Acrobat and Highlights behave as expected. We have contacted Readdle twice but haven’t heard back from them.