Accidentally imported all mail

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Have a few issues. I wanted to import just a single email message but wound up importing every email account under “Apple Mail”…

  1. I want to undo or delete all these mailboxes and messages in the import tab, but I don’t see a way.
  2. I also don’t see the specfic message that I was trying to import under the mailbox, “gmail/all mail”
  3. For the email messages that I can see, I can only see the list of emails, date, subject, etc, but cannot click on any to see the contents. Is this the correct behavior?
  4. I seem to have another “INBOX” (all caps) w/ 16 messages in it, but when clicking on the folder, there are no messages visible.
  5. Now that I’ve imported the whole mail box, I can no longer import the single email I was trying to import in the first place. Can one not import an email 2x? If not, and the email is deleted or like now, I can’t find it, is there a way to reset this so I can reimport?



From my use and understanding of mails in DT, responding to your points:

  1. The mailboxes and messages shown in the Import tab are not a representation of what is in the database (i.e. in DT), but rather than of what is in Mail.
  2. Messages which have already been imported are no longer shown in the Import tab.
  3. Correct; that list is a representation of what is in your mailbox, rather than what you have imported into DT; only that which you have imported can be opened (from the location it was imported to within DT).
  4. That would suggest to me that you have imported all 16 messages already.
  5. A message cannot be imported into the same database twice, as DT bars you from having two messages with the same UUID. This suggests to me that the message has already been imported. If it is still in the trash, you will also not be able to reimport it.

If you really have imported the whole mailbox (or more likely, a folder within that mailbox), you should have a representation of that mailbox (or folder) in your Global Inbox; it is from there that you can delete messages.


Also, email archiving is covered in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Archiving Email, Windows > Sidebar: Email, and Preferences > Email.

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Great explanation on every question. Best,


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