Accounting Database How to separate?

In 2020 I created an accounting database for maintaining receipts and assist with year end tax preparation .

I have one group " Accounting" and then “group” 2020 many subgroups for Income, taxes, etc.

What do you recommend for 2021. If I just create a group called 2021 with the same subgroups I am afraid when I classify and put receipts in their folders or subgroup it will want to send everything to the 2020 groups.

How do I separate 2020 and 2021? I Do I create a separate database?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you PDavis74 Georgia

This is entirely up to you.
Creating a separate database per year is not an uncommon thing to do.
I would create a structure that makes sense to you.
Also, since it’s unliekly you’re doing mass imports, I wouldn’t worry about using the classification to file things. It’s just as easy to drop items into a specific group onesy-twosy.

Faced with the same question, what I did was to set up the following structure:

Dog Tax
Cat Tax
Car Tax
+ Smart Group Dog Tax
+ Smart Group Cat Tax
+ Smart Group Car Tax
+ Smart Group Income
+ Smart Group Dog Tax
+ Smart Group Cat Tax
+ Smart Group Car Tax
+ Smart Group Income

All documents go in the base groups, independent of year. The Smart Groups search in the base groups of the same name on the basis of the creation date OR a tag (tax2020 for example). I tag those documents which arrive after the end of the year but which pertain to the previous year (e.g., arriving in 2021 but related to 2020). A document can even be tagged with several tags if it is relevant to more than one year.

Like you, I like to use the AI for putting documents where they belong - using the above structure, that works. If, however, you set up a group structure per year (rather than using one base structure and smart groups for the years) automatic classification will no longer work/be useful in my experience.