ACM Digital Library

I’ve just started to use DA and have a question: is it possible to use DA to search ACM Digital Library in some way?

Could you provide me a link? I’ve never heard of that library  ;)

it can be found at The abstracts are available for anyone (text) while the full articles are members only. They have their own search engine.

Thanks for the link. It should be possible to scan the abstracts but accessing the full articles is currently not possible (as plugins are faceless and have no preferences). I’ll check this as soon as there will be some time left :slight_smile:

However, if you’re a member, you could still use the retrieved abstracts to access the full articles.

Yep, that’s no problem … but trying to find the interesting stuff is  :D

Just started working on it… The URL only contains a session ID.

Has anyone gotten a plugin to work with this? I was just trying it, and it looks like they have some autoblocking on… now, all browsers at my house are getting a 403-Forbidden response.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten it to work, either, when used with authentication. It works fine when operating within a network that the ACM (and IEEE) has licensed, like Columbia University, since the authentication is checked via IP range rather than login credentials.