Actions when running a search set

I’m trying out DEVONagent Pro and I’ve got some questions about actions. I can’t get email of results to work. I’ve tried setting up SMTP in Preferences and now I’m trying it with Apple mail. However, when I run the search set from File | New Search, it carries out the search and shows the result but none of the action get carried out (Archive results, Add results to DevonThink, Send mail).

So, two questions: how do I set up email of results, and do actions get carried out when you run the search set from the menu or only when it’s run on a schedule?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Enabling the actions should usually be sufficient. Screenshots of the General, Advanced and Actions tabs of the Search Sets window would be great.

Thanks. Screenshots attached.

If I run this interactively it finds results but doesn’t carry out any actions. It doesn’t seem to find any results on the schedule, or it’s not running by the schedule - I can’t tell. Don’t know if there’s a log that shows when search sets run?

Does the search set return any results (and perform the actions) if you perform the search on your own?

It returns results but it doesn’t perform any actions if I run it from the File menu.

Could you please export the search set and send it to cgrunenberg - at - Then I could test this over here, thanks.

Thanks. On its way.

Yes, I got the email from when you ran it thanks.

It’s still not working here though. If I run it from the menu it finds results, archives them and saves them to DevonThink. If I let it run from the schedule I don’t think it runs at all. Even when I’ve cleared out previous results nothing gets archived or saved to Devonthink. I’ve tried it without having the email action in case that’s a different problem.

Is there something else I need to check or set so that the schedule will work?

Is the schedule actually performed as expected (e.g. while DEVONagent is in the background)?

The only indication I’ve got of the schedule starting the job is that the next time to be run changes on the Schedule tab. I can see nothing else to show that it was started.

According to the search sets settings the window shouldn’t be closed after the search, therefore DEVONagent should run in the background with at least one search window for this set after an hour.

In that case, the scheduled runs don’t appear to be happening. The search window doesn’t appear at all unless I run the set from the menu.

I’ve confirmed now that even the standard search sets don’t work on the schedule: the search window doesn’t appear and none of the actions are carried out. Yet, when run from the search window manually the search sets work properly. However, the Apple search set ran on schedule when I use macOS as the search term but wouldn’t run on the schedule when I used apple as the search term.

When I tried to quit DevonAgent it said it was still running a search. This was some time after any scheduled searches should have been triggered and there were no search windows. After I restarted DevonAgent the scheduled searches that I’d had trouble with appear to be working fine. I think that’s it all sorted now. Thanks for your help.