Activity window disappeared

My DevonThink Pro activity window has disappeared and cannot get it back.

I have tried clicking on menu bar–>window–>activity and nothing will show.

Checked Preferences and do not see a setting that accidentally got flipped.

I have rather large databases and takes a long time for local syncing and frustrating not being able to tell what is going on.


Tried quitting DEVONthink and restarting it? That usually brings back missing windows. Over here I use several spaces and sometimes the Activity Window falls behind a window and it’s hard to locate. It’s not the kind of window that shows up with Expose on my machine.

Yes, I have tried restarting DevonThink…actually even rebooting my laptop.

I have an external monitor also and use a dual monitor setup. I have carefully moved all of the other windows to see if it is hiding somewhere and cannot find.

Expose would not find it for me either.

Beside Sync, have you tried some of the other commands that activate the Activity Window? Like Verify & Repair?

Yes, I had tried other actives such as Verify & Repair but…

Lo and behold it reappeared today for no apparent reason after two days of absence.

Don’t know why, but I guess I will run with it. No updates had been done in the interim.

Same problem here. I tried several things (deleting prefs, reinstalling DEVONthink etc.), nothing works. In the moment I’m in contact with the support-team via the support-ticket system. I hope they will find a solution - I will report it here.


just to report that I have the same problem in my installation of DTPO 2.8.4 – the Activity Window disappeared some time ago, and I cannot get it back.

While DTPO is useable without it, I would be happy about instruction on how to get it back.

The previous poster indicated that a ticket was open with the support team. How can I learn whether they solved the problem in the meantime?

Thanks for any help,


I have same issue after installing DTPO in a new MacBook Pro 2017. I’m also use an external monitor.
I already tried to install DTPO again, look for the window behind others.

Any idea or suggestion ?

Best regards

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to open a ticket.