Add Annotation Shortcut


I have a pretty simple question: how to I create a shortcut to add a new annotation to a file, using a template that I’ve designed? I know that there is a similar forum post on this topic, but I didn’t find it helpful.

I know how to use Apple shortcuts, and was able to create a shortcut such that the hotkeys appeared visible in the dropdown annotations menu. However, the shortcut did not work: when I pressed the hot keys, no new annotation was created.

I also tried creating a shortcut using Keyboard Maestro, but since the create annotations menu is not on the top menu bar, KM did not seem to recognize it.

Any help would be appreciated!

Can you clarify what you did here?

I just typed in “Annotation,” which is the name of my custom annotation template, into the Keyboard shortcuts.

Does it work if you use a more unique name for your template?

Yes! Should have figured that out myself. Thanks!