Add API so 1Password can be used

I rely on 1Password for managing my passwords and seemingly other users do too. Unfortunately, the folks at Agilebits are stating that

Any chanche of this happening? I really want to use DA as our main browser tool here in our agency. Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for the feedback! But there are currently no plans to support browser extensions, especially as 1password doesn’t even support Opera and as it would be a major overkill.

Unfortunately Agile lost interest in providing a solution for third-party developers a long time ago which would be the easiest solution and not limited to browsers.

Thx for the constructive feedback. Do you have any suggestions for alternative solutions that do work with DEVON products?

Unfortunately not. Maybe anyone else?

jkr, in case you don’t know, it is working now.

Thx for the info - how so? I wasn’t able to find any new information over at DevonTechnologies.

i think i overread the “Mac App Store applications” constraint. i see the icon and i don’t have an MAS app.

sorry about that. but ye, thats horrible news then :wink: