Add Comments field to Clip to DEVONthink

Can a Comments field be added to the Clip to DEVONthink iOS share extension?

I love the fact that I can easily clip items and add tags and flags and format it all at the same time, then move on to the next clipping. But, for me, this extension is incomplete without a Comments field. Now, if I want to add a comment (and I always do), I have to clip the item, then open DEVONthink, then find the clip, then add a comment after the fact.

My DT workflow would be streamlined if the iOS extension had a Comments / Notes field, like the Mac version does.

You mean primarily for URLs that you clip e.g. in Safari? For other items if Clip to DEVONthink receives a text, this text is used as body text for the to-be-created document.

Hi Eric

Thanks for replying.

I was referring to clipping entire web pages via a browser or RSS reader (and applying Web Archive with Instapaper to make it more reader-friendly). Is it possible to include another field for Comments or Notes rather than having to open DT and re-edit the document?


We have noted your idea but it’s a substantial change to Clip to DEVONthink. However, we have plans to rework it for a future version and will consider your suggestion.

Many thanks.

I have been unable to discover how to add a comment to a pdf or eml

In other words, the comment column exists but is useless to me

Please clarify what you are referring to. Screen captures could be helpful.

I am reviewing documents. There is a “Comments” column, which I assume is for making comments about the document, i.e., annotating the documents significance. I see no function for actually commenting however.

This is the DEVONthink To Go section of the forum. I have responded in your other post.