Add date to possible options in summary view

It’d be great to be able to view date added/created/modified in the DTTG Summary View. My use case: I’m using DTTG to read through RSS items, and how recent the news is matters a great deal!

I love the customizable view, by the way. 5 lines and only display the URL for the win!

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The request is noted.

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I second this request
In fact, came here at 2:25 in the morning specifically to ask why this option doesn’t exist in item summary view.

+1 for this. I was about to write a new request and then found this one.

Use case: I am trying to fully switch from DayOne to DTTG for journaling, and having a date in the DTTG Summary View would be amazing when scrolling through old journal entries (otherwise I need to click on each one and then go to (…) → Info to find out when I wrote it)

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Welcome @Kyle44

No promises, but the request is noted.