Add email using drag and drop on iPad has generic subject

Using split screen on my iPad with Mail on one side and DTTG on the other. Easy enough to drag and drop a message I want to copy into DTTG and everything works… EXCEPT the title of my DTTG item is “Pasted email message”. This is true for all emails.

Why wouldn’t the title be the email Subject line? Is it not possible to get at this information?

Thanks for any input.

This is a new issue with iOS 13. We hope to fix this with the next maintenance update.

Which version of iOS do you use? I’ve just dropped a message from Apple Mail to DEVONthink To Go and the email subject is used as the document name, just as expected.

Thanks for your reply. I am on 13.1.3… i tried it again just before posting this reply - same behaviour.

It’s working fine for me as well, using my iCloud email account. Anything special about your email provider?

I just checked here and it works fine with Mail on iOS 13.2. So I guess Apple has fixed the problem. The release notes state “There are no release notes for this software update” :slight_smile:

I don’t think Apple knows anymore what they break or fix in the iOS updates! :laughing:


Nothing special that I know of. Both accounts I have tried are institutional Outlook accounts. I hope that 13.2 will fix it for me too. Thanks for the help.

Just to close the loop: updated to 13.2 today and everything is working the way it should. Thank you.