Add link takes over

I’ve finally settled in at the new job … and had time to install DTP and start to work

But I’m seeing a strange bug:

I add a URL/Link and type in the link: … ition.html

Once that URL is loaded in the ‘preview’ pane it ‘takes over’ and becomes the only thing I can see in the preview . No documents, no other links, nothing. To see anything else, I must double-click abd view in its own window.

The same is true when I capture a page using services.

A quick forum search turned up nothing. I’ve verified and repaired. When I quit and restart all is fine.


Can’t replicate the problem you described. I’m running 10.3.9. When I created a bookmark in my database for the link you noted, it behaved properly. I read several pages about the university’s IT services. I used the Vertical Split view.

Beats me … darndest thing.

I used all views too.

I’m running 10.3.9 too.