Add list of URLS to Download Manager from CSV file

Hi, new to DevonThink here.

I am trying to automate the download of a number of PDFs from a ProQuest repository (I will then OCR them and run a number of Text Analysis scripts on them).

I tried to add the main URL in the DM, but for some reason, even after logging into ProQuest from DevonThink, DT won’t download the files linked (it’s not a permission issue because it does download a number of paratextual and contextual multimedia).

So I scraped a list of download links (“Full text - PDF”) for those PDF files, and stored them in a CSV file… but adding them one by one in the Download Manager kind of defeats the purpose of using a DM. I was wondering if there’s a way to import a list of URLs into the Download Manager.

I found a past thread (“one-step multi-site archiving from list of URLs” sorry, I’m not allowed to post link on the forum) where they suggested a solution, but if I try and compile a script in AppleScript using that code, nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The download manager supports only HTTP-based authentication currently, therefore you might have to log-in in DEVONthink first.

Currently only via drag & drop or copy & paste (e.g. from Safari’s bookmarks). The Document > Links inspector will also support sheets (e.g. imported CSV) In the next release and it should be possible that way to add the links to the download manager.