Add Ons Installed but Greyed Out in DT Pro Office

Three of my add ons are showing as installed but they are greyed out. The three are:
ABBYY Fine Reader OCR
Global Inbox in Save Dialogs
Install Fujitsu ScanSnap Mgr Support

All other add ons that are check marked are working fine.
I do have a Fujitsu Scan Snap and have no problem scanning documents direct to DevonThink global inbox but have to go back in afterwards to have them apply OCR.

I do see that my ScanSnap Manager is giving me two DT options - Standard and Scan to folder. I’ve been using it with Scan to folder if that makes any difference.

Thanks in advance for any help.

That is normal behavior, the greyed out appearance. I should also say “Installed” next to it.

Thanks for your quick reply. Just to be absolutely sure, it’s okay that their boxes don’t have check marks as long as they say ‘installed’?
Thank you.

I’ve been thinking more about your response. The three greyed out items are marked installed but they are not checkmarked.

Plus, bigger issue, they are not working. As I mentioned, I have to go in after scanning and apply OCR. Plus I don’t have a global inbox in my Finder.

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks