Add settings for quick mover panel

Could you add two settings which would allow the quick mover to:

  • Only show database inboxes when activated from the global inbox. (This is the least important one as I can use tags and smart rules to get around it which is what I should probably be doing really.)
  • Only show groups within the database when activated from any other database. Alternatively or in addition, favour groups within the database when using the search bar of the quick mover panel.

Alternatively to either suggestion, allow the user to specify which folders they want to show in quick mover for each database.

These changes would allow for quicker filing and would avoid clashes. I normally create an ‘Other’ or ‘Misc’ group for each database, when filing from each database’s inbox this means I have to make sure I am selecting the correct ‘Other’ group when using the quick mover as all the databases with ‘Other’ folders are shown in alphabetical order rather than giving preference to the currently selected database.

The requests are noted, with no promises.