Add synchronize button to toolbar option

This is a small request. I use DT solely in indexed mode and frequently need to synchronize my databases after changes are made. It would save me a few mouse clicks if the ability to synchronize were made into an icon to be added to the tool bar. Better yet would be an option to allow synchronization on opening of the database. Even better would be an ability to schedule synchs on some sort of schedule.

Thanks for the suggestions! The best approach to automate this right now is to attach the “Synchronize.scpt” (see Extras > Scripts > Examples on disk image) to the groups. Afterwards the groups are automatically synchronized after opening them or displaying them in split, 3-pane, Tags or column views.

Thanks a lot for the script! Works very well!

The next wish would be the feature: “Add new file in the same folder”. Is this possible via script?

For if I add a new file in an indexed folder from within DT Pro, the file is added somewhere in the folder structure, and the file is not synced with the indexed folder.

Thanks from a new and happy user!

Synchronizing/indexing is currently unidirectional but it should be indeed possible to do this via AppleScript, e.g. by copying a template file to the folder and indexing the copied file afterwards.

cool, unfortunately I have no idea how to write an apple script. I looked at some of them and they look much less freightening than php files, so maybe not too difficult to learn?