Add to DEVONThink from - ? search option


Have multiple and deeply populated DTPro databases. One of the things which annoys me on a daily basis is, when moving an email from to DT via the Add to DT menu item in, the small dark modular window which appears gives me only a choice of all currently existing databases and folders. I sometimes can’t remember where the desired folder is located and thus select either the Global Inbox or simply the Inbox of the most likely database. I then have to regularly curate the Inboxes in all databases to file the docs.

Would it not be possible to have a small search bubble at the top of that modular window allowing us to filter the groups by name? This would same me, and I presume others, quite a bit of time. Searched the fora for similar posts but none found - but could be blind.

Steve J

Thanks for the suggestion, a future release will support this.

Good news. Thx.