Add to DTPO mail message- terribly slow

Hi there,

when I try to add a mail message to DTPO I get the bouncing icon allright, but then if I switch to DTPO I get the spinning beachball and the application not responding for approx. 5 minutes, then finally (if I resist the temptation to force quit) the DTPO comes back alive and the message is there. This was not happening before. what can I do?

Perhaps you have run out of free RAM and are heavily into using Virtual Memory – which can involve a lot of swapping data between RAM and the hard drive.

Try quitting and relaunching DEVONthink Pro Office, or restarting the computer.

If you have been adding lots of data to the database, it’s good maintenance to run Tools > Verify & Repair, followed by Tools > Backup & Optimize.

Another (more likely) possibility is that you have switched on the preference “Import complete conversations” in the Email preference pane.