Add Todos to Outlook/Exchange


Is there a reminder script available, or could you make such a script available, which allows to directly add to an object a todo or a date in Outlook w/ Exchange account?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

Hallo Friedrich,

was nutzt Du denn für den To-Do? Outlook oder hast Du dort noch etwas anderes zum Beispiel 2Do? Für letzteres hatte ich ein Script auf meinen Blog ( welchen Du in DevonThink nutzen kannst.

Viele Grüße

Thank you for the reference to 2Do and the suggestion to use your script. But I am using Outlook. And my experience is, that Outlook/Exchange reacts sensitively to co-operation with non Microsoft application in interaction with the Exchange server.

Kind regards, Friedrich


have you thought about using the native MAC/IOS calendar to link to your exchange server? In theory that should be feasible. Surely, it is not ideal to use Apples Calendar as a “standby” app but possible.

If so, you could use the included AppleScript for Todo using the native calendar which will sync to your exchange, hence it will appear in Outlook. In there you would have an URL referencing your document in DTPO.

I’ve made the experience of unexpected behavior of events or todos, which have been created or altered whith Apple Calendar and Apple Reminders, when such items are later displayed or altered with Outlook on Windows PCs. So, I am refraining from using the Apple Apps with the Exchange server.