adding a database inbox/group to finder to save files direct


i am enjoying the new features in DTPO, especially the ability to save new files to the Global inbox directly from applications (i.e. through the finder). I am wondering though if there is a way to also save files directly to the inboxes or groups of specific databases (i am aware you can add inboxes/groups to the sorter and then drag and drop, but would like to be able to save directly from an application rather than have to save elsewhere and then drag and drop)



Go to your Help menu and select Install Add-ons. Check Global Inbox puts an inbox in your places section of the save dialogue box and indeed the finder. That does not go to specific group though.

You can print as PDF directly to DevonThink: Print --> PDF --> Save PDF to DevonThink. A prompt will appear to select a group in DT.

You can also make a selection and insert it into DevonThink using the services menu. Again, you will be prompted to select a group.