Adding a row in the middle of a rich text table

After reading previous posts it appears that there is currently no way to add a new row in between two rows in a rich text table. Is that correct? Is there any plan to develop this capability? Is there any third party software that I can use with DT to do this now? I have 10.6.8 . . . would the answer be different if I upgrade to Lion?

My real goal is to be able to set up a 4 column table to chart items and, if necessary, add new rows here and there after I’ve already started working on the table. So far, the only option I see is to move everything cell by cell to a lower row. Is that correct? Is there at least a way to cut and paste a series of rows, or cut and paste row by row?

Inserting a row is not supported by DEVONthink, nor is it supported by TextEdit (as of Mavericks) and several other 3rd party RTF editors. A good option is Bean ( Bean is free and an excellent RTF editor and supports features like row and column insert that no other apps can do for no fee. Other paid options are Word and Pages, both of which support RTF to some extent.

However, Bean is abandonware. No support and development stopped a year ago, there is no guarantee it will work in the future. FWIW, I think the risk is low for now, but one never knows what Apple might change that causes Bean to die.

Korm - thanks very much. I think this really solves the problem!

I was able to create a table in a RT doc in DT. Then I added hyperlinks to other docs in DT to the table; then cut and pasted that table into a Word document, inserted rows into the middle of the table, then cut and pasted the new table back into an RTF doc in DT. Amazingly, the hyperlinks still worked.

I am so pleased because this enables me to make the type of chart in an RTF document in which I can create hyperlinks to source documents. I know that sometimes these unconventional procedures don’t hold up, but the fact that it worked once is extremely encouraging.

thanks again

If you are going the Word route, just right-click the document and Open With > Microsoft Word. Edit your table, add your rows, and save and close the document. It will be updated in DEVONthink, and still be an RTF.

(A bit of caution, Word sometimes adjusts table width.)

even better! thanks again.