adding bookmarks from the devonthink browser?

Hi, I am having trouble with what should be an incredibly easy thing to do. If I open the devonthink pro office browser and visit a page I can save it as a pdf or web archive etc. but I can’t figure out how to make it a bookmark. Of course I can create a new bookmark from Data->New, but I have to copy the URL(and even this isn’t easy because clicking or right clicking on the URL in the browser opens the page in my default browser which is Chrome). It should be easier than this!

Yesterday and today I have gone through the entire devonthink manual and couldn’t find out how. I’ve tried customizing my toolbars, but there doesn’t seem to be an add bookmark from the current page visited in the browser.

I can add bookmarks from devonagent however, but I would prefer to use devonthink as the browser because it is easier to get data into my databases.

Any suggestions?

Two kinds of bookmarks:

If you want to create a bookmark for the page you’re viewing: control-click the page, in the contextual menu that pops open select Capture Page Address.

If you want to create a bookmark from a link on a page: right-click the link, in the contextual menu that pops open select Capture Link

In both cases, the new bookmark is created in the current group. It’s in the manual (“Contextual Menu” pg 126)

awesome, thanks for the help.