adding by reference


how do I add video, pdf, and image files by reference to avoid my database file growing insanely big and files occupying twice (trice?) the space on my macbook?

You can do that by choosing File > Index or the equivalent, Option-Command-Drag & drop to the database.

Index-captured files are not copied to the database, but retain a link to the external file, which should remain in the same relative location and not be renamed or deleted. If possible, the database will capture the text content of Index-captured files.

The alternative approach to avoiding duplicate storage of database content in the database and also in the Finder is to use Import capture, copying the files into the database. The external files can then be deleted (unless, of course, one is using them in an external database, such as a citation index application – in which case those files should be Index-captured). That’s my preferred approach.