Adding comments or notes to a record in my Recipe database?

Hi All, I have been using DEVONthink (Pro) very lightly since version 1 for random notes etc, but recently found myself a great workflow to capture recipes from the internet (print PDF to DEVONthink, too simple for words :slight_smile: )
What I would like to be able to do is add some comments, tips to self, who liked it, who didn’t, wine/beer paring, etc, etc to these recipes. Too unstructured to use Tags for, I think.
Does anyone have a pointer on how to do that? Probably easy, but I cannot find it out myself…

Thank you!

Did you have a look at the Annotations & Reminder inspector?

Thanks, no I had not, I will explore straight away!
I was looking in the Menus, I am that old :slight_smile:

Hi Mirkok, you could also make a template for your annotations with the headings you suggested above. Have a look at that little arrow in the inspector next to annotations, there is an “open annotations folder option”. You can make a template and drop it in there and it will appear in the drop down menu next time you use it.
The other thing you could use is the custom metadata, so if you go into the preference>data, you could make up some categories to go in there. You can see those custom categories in your inspector (control 2 is shortcut) and when you are in list view can select those custom metadata to be shown in the columns e.g. the standard or widescreen view (control click the list headings and select).
Or you could do none of this and just write into the annotations box what comes to mind. There is also a comments box (same as finder comments) above it. And of course the “star rating” in the inspector. It is such a flexible tool, you can be as organised as you can be bothered to be…

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