Adding DEVONThink community to DiscourseHub


Attempting to add the DEVONthink forums to DiscourseHub but I receive this result.

At what level can a user use these features?

At what level can a user use these features?

We have no specific support for this app.

I upgraded you to Member. Try it now.

Thank you! That did the trick.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Could I also request to be upgraded to Member? I tried this yesterday, as well, and received the same result. DiscourseHub is nice to view this and other forums on iPad, consolidated in one place. Thanks

Thanks you!

Could you also upgrade me please? It used to work, but not within the last month or so…


Upgraded and we hope to hear from you more often :slight_smile:


Me, too, please.

Would also like to mine added. Thanks

Welcome @donnie

We hope to hear more from you. :slight_smile:

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Hi! Can you add me too? Thanks!

Try it now.

Hi - can I also please be added? Thanks very much.



Note to all here:

We increase trust level not just so you can access the forums via DiscourseHub. There are actual requirements for the trust levels, so we anticipate an increase in involvement from those who have had their trust level upgraded without explicitly meeting those requirement (yet).
Everyone has something to offer or wonder about, so please intend to participate more here before requesting upgraded trust.