Adding Devonthink to a new Mac - databases


I’ve Devonthink on my main Mac, and have added it to my new MacBook. I’ve set the sync and it seems to work, in that it’s created an Inbox that has downloaded documents I recognise. But there is nothing under recent databases in the sidebar. When I look at Sync they are all under Remote. How do I make it so that those databases appear in the version on my MacBook ie local. In effect, can they look exactly the same so I can move from one to the other?

Thanks - Nigel

That has been discussed regularly here. I suppose you must download the databases on your new Mac. If that doesn’t work, you might want to use the search function here and vote the advice in corresponding threads.

Just defining the sync store on a Mac doesn’t cause the databases to appear on the Mac. It just means the Mac has access to import the databases.

To fetch a database from the sync store, open the Devonthink preferences, go to the sync tab, click on the sync store in the left hand column, and then click on any database you want.

Use the gear “actions” icon to import the database. Now, that database is available for use on your Mac and will keep itself synced. Other databases in the sync store will not appear on your Mac - until, of course, you import them, too.

Recent databases are the databases you’ve recently opened on that Mac. It will often be a different list of recent databases on different machines.


Thanks very much.