adding documents to a folder

I have a basic question: I have a folder called “scientific articles” that contains over 1000 articles (pretty much all pdf files). When I got DevonThink, I imported the whole folder. In “preferences” under the “PDF and PS” tab, I had selected “copy files to database folder”. Now I want to add some more pdf files to this folder and, of course, I don’t want to reimport the whole folder each time I add an article or two. How do I do that?



Select the folder in DT, then drag and drop the items into it. I like the “Vertical Split” view for this. Then all the files currently in the folder will appear as little icons, and you can drag the new items in to join them.

Another cool way to do it (one of my favorites) if you’re using Tiger is to put a folder with the folder action “Action Index.scpt” attached to it as the folder action on the desktop. Then you can just drag the .pdf file into the folder and it is immediately sent to DT and indexed. If you have your import preference set to “and automatically classify” it may go right into your scientific folders folder. At any rate it will probably find that folder if you hit select the freshly imported .pdf and hit the “classify” button. I imagine that if one was clever, it would be possible to modify the folder action script to select that folder in DT. I’m not that clever currently, however.