Adding RTF formatting to the wikilinks template

When clicking on an automatic Wikilink that doesn’t have a matching destination yet, a new document is created using the Wikilinks Template in Settings. So far so good.

However, I use RTF for all my documents and I’ve created an actual template file for all my new RTF docs which contains text formatting (font sizes, colors, etc.) But when a new document is auto-created from a Wikilink, the Template in Settings won’t allow RTF formatting.

Is there a way to either: A) insert my RTF formatting into the Template in Settings, or B) tell Devonthink to use my custom template file when auto-creating a new document? Otherwise all the documents I create via “Data > New From Template > My RTF Template” will have my desired layout, while all the ones auto-created from Wikilinks will not, and there’s not much point in trying to maintain a consistent system-wide layout in that case.

This isn’t possible, Wiki linking uses always the plain text based template. The only workaround is to use your template on your own to create the new documents.

I thought so, but wanted to make sure. Thanks for your reply.