Adding scans from Fujitsu automatically

I am using DTPro 2.0.7 with a Futjitsu ScanSnap. For convenience I scan to a folder and later import the scans to DTP with OCR. This can be a long process because of the need to accept every item. I can see the object of this - to have the option to add comments or change the filename, but I am happy to accept everything into the DTP inbox and then sort everything out from inside the application.

Is there a way of changing the settings so that the import of a large number of scanned PDFs can be completed automatically?


I use to do what you describe and didn’t like having to wait for each scan (and OCR) and then name the file (and possibly add other metadata).

Now I just have the scans go to the global in-box (preferences-import-destination). Later, I’ll go through the generic file names and edit them, then move them to the proper database and eventually to the right folder. I can do my scanning very quickly this way, often 30 or more scans at a time.

Michael, one other point. If the option, “Enter metadata after text recognition” in DT Pro Office Preferences > OCR is currently checked, UNCHECK that option. Then the batch will seamlessly move along without interruption by the modal panel that halts everything to wait for your input of metadata. (I prefer naming the searchable PDFs after they have been captured.)

If in Preferences > OCR you have checked the option, Original document: Move to trash, the folder into which you had saved the scanner output files will be emptied as each image file is OCRed.

Bill, Thanks. That’s exactly what I was looking for and it isn’t at all obvious. I have unchecked the metadata box as you suggest and I am looking forward to being able to process a batch.

This will be very useful to me because I’ve tended to put off clearing my scans file because I knew I’d have to sit in front of the computer pressing the button after every OCR. Now I shall be even more efficient… This could even make a little blog post because I have covered DTP often. I’m currently working on a paperless office post that will feature DTP as an important tool.


I have an older Fujitsu S500M ScanSnap and would very much like to make sure it will work with DEVONthink Pro before investing in DTP. Does adding scans from Fujitsu automatically happen with ALL Fujitsu scanners or only the latest models?

How does the OCR into DTP actually work and do you guys have it set up to do it automagically? If so, how? Is that a feature built into DTP or have you used Automator to make it happen?

I’d really like to know your workflow as I am in the process of needing to scan a LOT of files.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I’m considering buying DTP with today’s MacUpdate deal which ends as of 9pm PST on May 22 so quick replies are needed. Thanks again!


The OCR feature is part of DEVONthink Pro Office, so you will not get that capability with DEVONthink Pro that is available in the MU promo. Buying the Pro version via the MU bundle and upgrading to Pro Office would still be a better deal than buying Pro Office outright. I don’t have experience with your scanner, but I’d recommend downloading the trial version of Pro Office and giving it a spin. I would not anticipate that there would be any problems as the Fujitsu scanners have always been a top recommendation from the DEVON folks.

I also have an S500M so I can confirm it works. You might need to update the scanner software (from the Fujitsu site here:

I normally scan to a folder without OCR and then import to Devon with OCR. You can choose to scan direct into Devon but it just depends how you like to work. The ScanSnap software has a range of customisable settings, including choice of application, folder destination, type of scan (speed, resolution, duplex/simplex), type of file created (.pdf or .jpg), paper size and compression rate.

So Michael, what do you use to OCR into DTP (not the Office version) after scanning to a folder? Do you do this automatically or file-by-file? The only OCR software I can find on my computer is OmniPage_SE_Direct_ORC which is dated clear back to 2005. I’m not sure if that is what came with the scanner or not. I’m on a new computer so original software might be missing.

How? I don’t see that as an option with my S500M scanner?

BTW, I have updated to the latest software for Snow Leopard (thanks Greg_Jones).

BTW, I do have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 so I can OCR using that. But again, as far as I know currently, that requires input from me.

Does Acrobat offer Applescript interaction? I doubt it highly, but thought I would ask. I’ll google it next.

Scansnap has setting where you can choose it to do the ocr or you can set it to simply scan and let Devonthink Pro do the ocr. Scansnap also has settings to convert scans to Searchable pdfs just like DVP Office. So if you have the standard edition of Devonthink, you wont need to upgrade to pro office just for scanning.
Just select Devonthink in the scansnap preferences under Applications and under options select to ocr as a searchable pdf. It will then go straight into Devonthink standard edition.

I have ScanSnap Manager v. 2.2 L14 installed and I cannot find any Option to select to OCR as a searchable pdf. I’m beginning to think that my Fujitsu S500M did not ship with that feature and therefore will never have that feature as it is Fujitsu’s general policy to not allow older scanners to have access to the latest scanner’s features – such as linking to Evernote, etc. I read this in an article somewhere recently. Do you think that’s what I’m running into and why I’m not finding this option?

Thanks for all your help.

Try 3.0L23. My 5110 is about 6 years old and it updated just fine with this driver. It’s from 2/2011 … V30L23.dmg

Nope, that doesn’t work. My computer tells me “Cannot run the update because the target ScanSnap Manager is not installed.” It won’t allow me to install it at all. I’m on a Mac, does that matter? Was that version a Mac version or perhaps a PC version?

I’ll look for updated Mac versions when I get back tonight.

Thanks for all your help.

Fujitsu has done a good job of supplying software updates for their current and older models of Mac ScanSnap models.

For Snow Leopard, see … opard.html

My 2005 ScanSnap has never missed a beat - just keeps on working.