Adding tags from concordance

I want to add tags to the files I index if selected words appear in the file. The tags assigned during indexing are too sparse.
I indexed a number of files then displayed the concordance in word order. Many of these words should not be tags. I want to select the files that have similar tag words ie {procrastinate, procrastinating, procrastination, procrastinator, procrastinators} . Searching on “procrastinat” finds 15 items to which I would like to assign the tag “procrastinat”
How can I assign the tag “procrastinat” to the 15 files that were found?

Search your open databases using Tools > Search, or, if your documents are in a single database, use Edit > Find. Make a multiple-document selection of the documents you want to tag. If the found documents all have the same tags already, or no tags, then just use the tags bar to add your new tag(s). If the documents do not have the same tags, then use one of the scripts posted in the forums for adding new tags to multiple documents that have different. Here is my script for doing this; kmlawson’s rewrite of the script is in the same thread; and there is a script in the forums from Charles Turner that also does the job.