I have a Journalling database in which I create a rich test document for each day with the date format YYYY/MM/DD and was wondering/hoping that there was a way when adding the document to have it automatically have the date inserted as the title?

I can not think of any way of doing this and would be pleasantly surprised if it were possible but you never know and I live in hope that one of the geniuses here will know how to do it.

Absolutely possible - and though I haven’t been journaling as much as I used to, I have a Template just for this.

The name of my template is thoughts_%shortDate%. This yields a file named thoughts_06-25-2016.

The format is determined by your System Preferences > Language & Region > Date settings.

These placeholders are covered in the DEVONthink Pro Office manual on p.144

Note: It is never advisable to use forward slashes in filenames. Stick to hyphens or underscores for UNIX friendliness.

Thank you it is good to know that it can be done :smiley: I have just spent a couple of hours trying to do it but failing even after reading the manual and Joe Kissell’s “Getting Started” book! Could you please detail in steps how I can achieve this? The best I have managed is to get a rtf with the title %shortDate%, I am obviously doing something wrong :confused: :blush: Thanks.

Sure thing…

  1. Create a file with %shortDate% in the name. Note that I have also used a placeholder in the text. This is possible to use ONLY with text-based formats.

  2. Choose File > Export > as Template…. The name can be left alone if you’ve already named it with the placeholder.

  3. Choose Data > New > … and choose your new Template. Notice that the placeholder in the text functioned as well as the filename.

I hope that helps.

Ah I see now where I have been going wrong and as usual it is so simple when made obvious! :bulb: Thanks for your help and patience with this silly old buffer! :smiley: