Additional Metadata fields after OCR

Hi all,

Whenever OCR finishes I a modal window pops up asking to enter meta-data. However this is limited to:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Tags
  • Created

It would really help my workflow, if at that point, I can also label/flag the item and add some custom meta data from my configuration.

Is this possible? I couldn’t find anything in the Settings that would allow that.


Welcome @Elmore
No, this is not possible via any settings. It’s also the first request I can recall for expanding the OCR > metadata panel.

If you’re using a specific pattern to determine that flag, label, and custom metadata for a document, perhaps you should look into DEVONthink’s smart rules. Check out the Windows > Sidebar: Navigate > Smart Rules section of the built-in Help and manual

No, I would just like flag the PDF as “to do” right there and add meta data like Price, as I am already looking at the document. Choosing a destination folder via autocomplete might also be nice. Then forget and move to the next scan.
Surprised that everyone likes this particular set of “meta data” .

No complaints for a very, very long time :smiley:

Actually it’s already on the to-do list but this request is indeed a rare one.